It is our pleasure to highly recommend Jay Walker. We have worked as a structural engineering consultant for Jay for over 20 years on over 70 large residential developments. Jay is highly respected inside and outside our office for having run a world-class operation. He has demonstrated his abilities as a quick learner, an industry trendsetter, a hands-on manager and problem solver many timesover.

Not only is Jay resourceful, but he is also a trendsetter. To the best of our knowledge, he was the first person to combine prefabricated roof and floor truss components for apartment projects in California. Jay is a hands on manager. Despite handling so many projects, we could see his fingerprints on each project. Jay is a problem solver. There were times when unforeseen problems resulted in construction delays. When that would happen, you would see Jay take over the leadership and steer theproject back to the normal course.


—Robert Chou, SE., Senior Principal
Vandorpe Chou Associates, INC.


For more than a decade, I have had the pleasure of working with Jay Walker. My role was that of consultant Landscape Architect to Fairfield Residential. During Jay’s tenure at Fairfield Residential, we successfully completed the development of over 6,500 apartment homes together. I was continually impressed by Jay’s strategic thinking and thorough knowledge of land entitlement, project development, design, and construction. He listened well and led the project teams and various design disciplines with clear understanding.
Jay understood the delicate balance between aesthetics, quality, and construction budget. Jay was and is a strong leader with high integrity. He cultivated an intensely loyal and successful staff that guided numerous projects from entitlement to built product.
We will eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with Jay again and are certain he will be highly successful in future endeavors.


—James M. Keenan, Vice President, Principal
Master Planning + Development Services + Landscape Architecture


I am writing to express my strong support and recommendation for Mr. Jay Walker. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Walker for 14 years on in excess of 50 completed multi-family apartment projects. I have a tremendous respect for Mr. Walker because he is one of the unique individuals within this profession who is very skilled in all aspects of the development of very difficult high-density multi-family residential projects.

Mr. Walker is very cognizant of product and design and was very focused on how a project “felt”. This spanned from the first impressionof a potential renter, to the selection of landscaping materials, the finishes and layouts of the dwelling unit, and finally to the integration of the design theme into a project.
I hope to have the opportunity to work with Jay again. He is without a doubt the most well rounded developer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


—R.C. Alley, Partner
Architects Orange


As a construction lawyer for the past 22 years and chair of the Foley & Lardner LLP national construction practice, I come into contact with many construction professionals on a daily basis. Without hesitation, I would have to say that you are the most thoughtful, responsible, analytical and practical construction professional I have met in my career. Whether we are dealing with contract documents on the front end of the project, a nonperforming subcontractor or supplier during the project or a litigation matter at the end of the project, you are able to quickly assess the situation and adopt a reasonable and professional course that has saved your company millions of dollars over the years.

You also have the ability to quickly recognize, assess and appropriately manage problems on a project as they occur. You know when to be tough and you know when to be reasonable. That is a quality that cannot be taught, it is instinct. Jay, you are invaluable component of any successful developer/contractor company. Your skills are unmatched and your judgment is excellent. I have enjoyed working with you over the past ten years and look forward to working with you again in the future.


—Jeffrey R. Blease, Attorney at Law
Foley & Lardner LLP


I would like to thank you for allowing ARK Architects Inc to be affiliated with Fairfield Residential LLC over the last 25 years. During my affiliation with Fairfield, I have had the pleasure of working with you on some of the most complex projects and have truly enjoyed the following:

Your understanding of the acquisition and site evaluation issues.
Your vast understanding and experience with site planning and design.
Your ability to evaluate the proposed site plans in their three dimensional context and in connection with the topography and proposed grading.
Your vast, accurate and practical knowledge in constructability and a very thorough and detailed understanding.
Your experience and understanding of how the entitlement process works universally and in various cities.

I have seen for 25 yrs your ability to share your knowledge with architects and directing them to the solutions that require the minimum request for information to avoid future confusion.
Your experience in design and development,material and consultant selection as well as construction administration.


—Faramarz Jabbari, AIA
ARK Architects


I have been associated with Jay Walker on a professional basis for the past six years. My firm performed code consulting for Fairfield during that time and I had the great opportunity to work directly with Jay on approximately thirty large scale projects throughout the western one-third of the United States. He clearly understands the need to have uniform procedures utilized by all of the design consultants working for Fairfield so that regardless of the design changes in final appearance, the contractors utilized the same construction details on all projects to avoid errors that can occur when developing numerous projects. To that end we worked together on code related classes with all of the design consultants performing work for Fairfield to develop best method design provisions to be used on all projects. Jay is blessed with an analytical mind and is a person who thinks outside of the box and look for better methods and designs to accommodate more cost effective and safer development. Without question, he has shown in his career the great capacity for organization, quality of interpersonal communication with others, keen judgment and vast industry knowledge.


—Patrick C. Vandergriff, Principal
Vandergriff Code Consulting Services